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With corporate offices in Plano, Texas and manufacturing facilities in Nolanville, Texas, American Rockwool manufactures a high-quality, loose fiber Rockwool for a variety of uses.

  • Rockwool Premium Plus™ is used for insulation in residential and commercial construction.

  • FireStopTB is an approved thermal barrier that is sprayed over spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation.

  • HortiWool is used in the agricultural market as a hydroponic medium and as a growing medium for greenhouse vegetation.

  • And, CryoWool which is manufactured for the industrial market for use in the insulation of cold boxes.


In 1984, American Rockwool began construction of our plant located in central Texas approximately 60 miles north of Austin. The plant began operation in 1986 and was operated by American Rockwool for ten years.

In 1986, it was acquired by American Rockwool Acquisition Corporation (“ARAC”). ARAC acquired Thermafiber, Inc. in 1998 resulting in ARAC operating 5 Rockwool plants that operated under the Thermafiber brand.

In 2006, Lee Houlditch, former President of Thermafiber, acquired the Nolanville Texas plant and established American Rockwool.

In May 2013, through a subsidiary named Texas Amerrock Partners, LP, Wheelhouse Ventures, a private equity firm out of Dallas, Texas, acquired the assets of American Rockwool and continues to operate the company as American Rockwool.

In November 2015 Texas Amerrock Partners, L.P. ceased operations and in April 2016 American Rockwool Manufacturing, LLC acquired the assets of Texas Amerrock Partners, L.P. and continues to operate the company as American Rockwool.