ProCoustic® is a high quality acoustical coating originally developed to restore aged and discolored but still structurally sound ceiling tiles. With an exceptional Class A fire rating (Flame Spread 5, Smoke Development 5) and excellent acoustical properties, ProCoustic® can now be spray applied to both Rockwool Premium Plus and FireStopTB to provide not only white and black, but also a rainbow of colors. This allows for a greater number of creative options for the design professional.

What’s the difference between ProCoustic® and Paint?

On the surface of any acoustical product, there are fissures and other features that are directly related to the material’s ability to absorb sound, Conventional paints have a bridging quality that typically results in the fissures being covered with a film of dried material. On Rockwool Premium Plus and FireStopTB, closing or sealing the fibers is as harmful to the acoustical properties as covering the entire surface with gypsum, causing the noise level within a space to be increased.

ProCoustic is a non-bridging material that actually does not reduce the already excellent acoustical properties of Rockwool Premium Plus and FireStopTB. It is also a Class-A fire retardant product.

How does ProCoustic® save me money?

ProCoustic® has a unique ability to disburse light. Therefore, it can decrease energy consumption by lessening dependence on artificial lighting. (see independent test summary). Particularly in the white color, ProCoustic® provides long-term cost savings related to its ability to hold its color and not fade as typical paint do over time.

Can ProCoustic® provide LEED credits?

There are a number of LEED credits that ProCoustic® can provide.

  • Credit 1.1 – Optimized Energy Performance
  • Credit 3.1 and 3.2 – Resource Reused
  • Credit 4.2 – Low Emitting Materials: Paint and Coatings

Contact tech service for more information regarding LEED Credits.

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