American Rockwool is one of the largest suppliers of Cryogenic Rockwool, “CryoWool™”, in the United States.

Cryogenic air separation processes are routinely used in medium to large-scale plants to produce nitrogen, oxygen, and argon as gases and/ or liquid products. The portion of the cryogenic air separation process that operate at very low temperatures, i.e., the distillation columns, heat exchangers and cold interconnecting piping, must be well insulated. These items are located inside sealed (and nitrogen purged) “cold boxes”, which are relatively tall structures that may be either rectangular or round in cross section. Cold boxes are "packed" with CryoWool™ to provide insulation and minimize convection currents. Depending on plant type and capacity, cold boxes may measure 2 to 4 meters on a side and have a height of 15 to 60 meters.