Case Study - Spann Residence

3500 sq. ft. renovation with a 9500 sq. ft. addition
Owners: Jim and Gail Spann
Contractor: Copus Construction
Insulation Contractor: CLS Insulation, Arlington, TX

Jim and Gail Spann purchased their home 10 years ago with the intention that one day they would begin a major addition and renovation. The original structure, about 3500 square feet, was not built well, so they made the wise decision to gut their home and bring it up to date with newly installed electrical wiring and plumbing as well as focusing on making it more energy efficient with new windows and insulation.

As Gail stated:

“We could feel drafts while walking past electrical outlets!”

After years of research, they began the renovation by installing a 60-foot tall, 16-foot bladed wind turbine. This turbine is capable of producing 10K kW hours per month. With their living space increased to 13,000 square feet when completed, and having a kiln for pottery, they wanted to be sure to reduce the amount of electricity that was required from their electricity provider. In addition to the generator; high efficiency windows were installed and a focus was placed on finding the best insulation that met their needs and expectations.

They ultimately decided on Rockwool Premium Plus™ for several unique reasons.

Rockwool Premium Plus™ is monolithically installed and will fill the entire wall cavity, around wires, electrical boxes, and any irregularities associated with wood stud construction. This benefit alone seals and eliminates the possibility of drafts they experienced before installing Rockwool Premium Plus™.

Rockwool Premium Plus™ is an environmentally friendly product. There are no chemical additives and it will not absorb moisture; therefore, it will not sustain mold, mildew or fungus growth. This was a big plus because Jim suffers from asthma and allergies so naturally they felt this was the best insulation for them.

Rockwool Premium Plus™Insulation... it’s not just another insulation.

The photos below offer another great view of the installation process.